GDM Impact Stamps

Stamp to start nail hole in plain punched shoes

The GDM Impact Stamps have been developed using the finest materials,  and the state-of-the-art hardening process maximizes performance and durability.
The shanks are precision set to create the optimum nail fit.

The stamps come in 3 types; Starter, Plain, and Fullered. The Starter and Plain are best used in combination to maximize tool life. The Starter has a pyramid point and chamfered corners, so there is less resistance when the first part of the nail hole is made. To finish the nail holes, the Plain stamp is used to crisp up the corners and create a flat bottom in the nail hole for the pritchel. The fullered impact stamp fits perfectly into the traditional fullering and rolled concave bar stock and shoes. The handles are asymmetrical to give a comfortable grip.

  • Asymmetrical engineered wooden handle to optimize comfort
  • Laser etched chevron on the handle to enhance grip
  • Available in Starter, Plain and Fullered versions

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