At Mustad, we believe there is always a better way. The result is a thoughtful approach to innovation that doesn’t just inform product development, but everything we do. Using the proprietary knowledge and insight we gain from the industry, we constantly develop and improve our products and brand. 

Supporting the farrier industry

Supporting the farrier industry

We are the first and largest industry player to sponsor educational clinic programs. We develop research programs in cooperation with universities and vets. For example the development of the Equi-Librium shoe together with the University of Utrecht.

We’re global yet local

Mustad’s global edge gives the brand a unique, local knowledge and a multicultural understanding of the markets and horse cultures in which they operate. What’s more, we stay involved in these local communities by supporting equine-related charities and initiatives.

Commitment for a sustainable development

  • Environmental-friendly water treatment
  • Extensive use of recycled materials for packaging
  • Recycling program for steel shoes

Corporate social responsibility programs

  • Housing project for employees
  • Internal continuing education and skills development programs
  • Equal opportunity policies

We shape hoofcare, for the better of the horse

Our ultimate desire is for happier, healthier, better-performing horses. And we firmly believe it all starts with healthy hooves. 

By sharing our expertise and know-how by promoting and supporting education we can proactively shape Hoofcare, now and in the future.

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