Heller Legend hoof rasp, rasp side
Heller Legend, rasp side
Heller Legend hoof rasp, detail
Heller Legend, detail

Heller Legend

The all-round rasp, ideal in wetter humid weather conditions

Heller Legend rasp is an all-round rasp. Great for foot removal and long lasting.

Rasp side:

  • Larger tooth size
  • Less concentrated tooth pattern 
  • Ideal for softer hooves

File side: 

  • File pattern creates efficient removal of hoof with little effort leaving a smooth surface.

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Product summary

  • Ideal for softer hooves
  • Very efficient hoof removal with the rasp side
  • not optimal for dry feet
  • Wet
  • Winter
  • Turf/Grass
  • Sand
  • Synthetic
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