Myron McLane Full Support Pad
Myron McLane Full Support Pad
Mustad MyronMcLane bar wedge
Mustad MyronMcLane bar wedge
Myron McLane Full Support Pad on Hoof

Mustad Myron McLane Full Support Pads

Therapeutic Pads

Mustad Myron McLane pads can be beneficial in certain orthopedic cases without needing to make adaptations to the shoe.


  • provide protection and shock absorbing
  • wedge bar provided with a pad instead of forging a wedge bar onto the shoe
  • only one angle of wedge available

Questions? Ask the expert

Jason Wilson-Maki

The Myron McLane pad allows frog load equal to the down force. I'm convinced after hundreds of radiographs that wedging without central load causes subluxation in the coffin joint. It is the worst midstance. The Myron McLane pad stops the subluxation by pushing into the coffin joint as the ddft is the most lax. The external wedge is simply an extension of the Myron McLane pad which increases the Palmer angle and then holds the dipj in place accomplishing what a wedge has been purported to do: ease strain on the ddft at the level of the dipj and distal.

Jason Wilson-Maki farrier at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences.

  • Age is no barrier when you love what you are doing

    Carl O'Dwyer - Victorian, Australia Farrier

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    The Australian master farrier Carl O'Dwyer

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