Mustad nippers, normal and half-round
Mustad nippers, normal and half-round
Mustad nipper
Mustad nipper

Mustad nippers

The high quality tool for daily use

The wide cutting edges and their solid geometrics offer reliable cutting, even under tough conditions.The exact touch point prevents the cutting blades from touching, keeping them sharp and in good condidtion for a long time after purchasing. The unbeatable price quality ratio offers both the starter and the experienced professional a solid tool for daily use. Mustad nippers are available in three sizes: 12", 14” and 15”.

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The French farrier Stéphane Bréhin

By delivering detailed information, good quality, a high service level and by showing involvement for their horses, I have gained the respect of my clients

Stéphane Bréhin, farrier in France

  • Engineer, farrier, salesman, idealist

    Christoph Müller, a German farrier and sales representative

    The German agricultural engineer Christoph Müller became a farrier for a special reason, he wanted to have more insight into this profession. Read story
    The German farrier Christoph Müller driving a nail in a hoof

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