Mustad pritchel
Mustad pritchel

Mustad pritchel

Made out of air-hardened steel

A Mustad pritchel is manufactured out of high quality and air-hardened steel. It is used at lower temperatures (below 500˚C). Maintenance should be done by forging, not by grinding.

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The French farrier Stéphane Bréhin

By delivering detailed information, good quality, a high service level and by showing involvement for their horses, I have gained the respect of my clients

Stéphane Bréhin, farrier in France

  • Age is no barrier when you love what you are doing

    Carl O'Dwyer - Victorian, Australia Farrier

    Carl O’Dwyer, a renowned master farrier, has been shoeing horses for over 50 years and has the same passion for the job as he did when he started out in his early 20’s. Read story
    The Australian master farrier Carl O'Dwyer

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