Mustad VF Pro hoof nails overview
Mustad VF Pro hoof nails front and side
Front and side
Mustad VF Pro hoof nails details

Mustad VF Pro nail

A longer and slimmer shank for higher nailing

The VF Pro is an innovative high-quality nail with a short neck and a square head. The design is based on the popular VF F nail. In addition, the shank of the VF Pro is thinner  and longer. This reduces damages to the hoof wall and enables a higher drive. The nail is suited to a wide range of horses, horseshoes and conditions. The smaller sizes are perfect for light horses.

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Product summary

  • steady head
  • Strong neck, great for resets
  • Long blade to enable high drive
  • Sharp point
  • no large sizes for cold blood horses available
  • Turf/Grass
  • Pavement
  • Stoney ground
  • Sand
  • Carriage driving
  • Classical dressage
  • Combined driving
  • Draft
  • Draft horse showing
  • Dressage
  • Endurance
  • Eventing
  • Field hunting
  • Leisure
  • Pleasure riding
  • Show hunter
  • Show jumping
  • Horse pulling
  • Pleasure driving
  • Trail
  • Trail riding

VF Pro nail movie

  • Engineer, farrier, salesman, idealist

    Christoph Müller, a German farrier and sales representative

    The German agricultural engineer Christoph Müller became a farrier for a special reason, he wanted to have more insight into this profession. Read story
    The German farrier Christoph Müller driving a nail in a hoof

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