Mustad Road Nail hoof nails, crossed
Mustad Road Nail
Mustad Road Nail E, front and side views
Mustad Road Nail
Mustad Road Nail E. head view
Mustad Road Nail

Mustad Road Nail

Ultimate wear resistance

The Road Nail program is based on the standard nails E and E-slim. It has a carbide pin in the head to reduce wear.

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Product summary

  • durable and consistent
  • easy to use
  • gives a good amount of grip on tarmac
  • carefull! Use an old hammer or protection caps, carbide damages the hammerhead
  • only available in E and E-slim
  • Pavement
  • Stoney ground
  • Sand
  • Icelandic equitation
  • Leisure
  • Working cow horse
  • Working equitation
  • Trail
  • Trail riding
Dutch farrier Carlijn Hoekerd

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Carlijn Hoekerd, farrier in The Netherlands

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