Mustad Strider hoof pads, all types
Mustad Strider pads
Mustad Strider pad new BRF
Mustad Strider new BRF
Mustad Strider pad new BRR
Mustad Strider new BRR
Mustad Strider pad new BEF
Mustad Strider new BEF
Mustad Strider pad new BER
Mustad Strider new BER

Mustad Strider pads

Provide protection for the sole and are shock-absorbing

  • Different types of hoof pads are available. Ensure the pad is suitable for your horse's issue.

  • Strong material is essential for protection and shock absorption.

  • Use pads that are reusable.

  • Mustad Hoofcare pads provide protection and shock absorption.

  • Hoof pads are beneficial for various conditions and protect sensitive hooves.

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Norwegian arrier Aksel Vibe

I’m shoeing the horse, not only the feet

Aksel Vibe, farrier in Norway

  • Join forces, learn from each other!

    Douwe Dokter, a Dutch farrier

    The Dutch farrier Douwe Dokter is full of passion about his profession, travels a lot to go to farrier competitions and loves American motor cycles. Read story
    The Dutch farrier Douwe Dokter shoeing a horse

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