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Tips and advice on shoeing for various activities

Whether you are shoeing a racing horse or an eventing horse, we have a suitable solution for every situation

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How to deal with shoeing for various conditions

Whether you are shoeing for snowy conditions or a rocky terrain, we have a suitable solution for every situation

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Brand new!

A larger surface for better result: Heller eXceL hoof rasps
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Heller eXceL Original rasp

Personal stories

Right from the heart of the Mustad Family

St.Croix Concorde Extra Aluminium horseshoe with Mustad Endura Hammerhead nails

Endura nails

"Best innovation I have seen for a long time"

The Swedish farrier Jörgen Nordqvist examining a foal in a stable

Trotting & Foals

Jörgen Norqvist, a farrier in Sweden

Mustad Sales Manager Fabrice Cavé giving instructions to a VET student in Nantes, France

A beautiful day in April

Fabrice Cavé gives a clinic to VET students

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