00:21          Hi, I'm Steven Beane and this is a proper day in the life.

00:34          Today, for our first stop, we're at Teddy Comber's Clydesdale yard, um, it's a big shoeing yard, we've been looking after Teddy's work for over 20 years, um, as you can see he has been pretty successful, uh he's just a good all around horseman and the horses are good to work on.

01:12          We, just called in to do some hunters, I've done these for over 15 years, so we're just getting going with the trail hunting now so they've had their second set of shoes on, em, so they're be pretty thin, they're really for doing big horses, but good to do, so just routine shoeing.

01:29          So I bought this hammer when I was 16 years old, I'm now 40, the shaft is worn to the shape of my hand and how I use it, I've actually just put a bit of tape on it because I'm worried it's going to finally retire, just before the International, the head fell off it so I had to re-weld it back on. It's very difficult with tools because you get used to what you use, my arms and elbows are really good but when I try to swap away from this because of the way it's been worn, it's hard to swap.

02:28          So we're just heading to Vanessa Roberts now to do two horses, it's really quite common, in England that the horses are eventists, general riding horses during the summer and during the winter they turn, to hunting, a bit of team chasing, so their multi purpose is all year round horses.

03:15          So we're just nipping up the road now to a real nice lady called Lisa Hughes, she has a couple of Shetlands, a couple of donkeys, a couple of goats, we're not doing the goats.  I have before but we're just doing the Shetlands and the donkeys today.

03:49          So now we're going to Team Haylers, which is an international dressage yard, it's family run business by Paul and Bobby Hayler, and Bobby's fiancé Andrew works in the yard as well. It's a really good yard, very professional, nice people, nice to shoe for, very nice horses, all different levels from youngsters they're bringing on to Grand Prix horses, the horse we're off to do now is off to compete in the European Championships of Spanish horses next week, so it's, uh, nice to do.

04:43          So now we're at Fife Race Unlimited trained by a great family, Marjorie, Tom and Amy Fife. Many flat horses, the thing about race horses is that, I like it, it's something different during the day, I really enjoy plating them and I enjoy following them. The thing about race horses is some you can shoe outside, like I've just done, and some you gotta do inside, just gotta keep the horse where it's comfortable and happy.

05:34          So now we've just turned up at a little livery yard of Sophie Backers, real nice yard, there's just three horses to do here.

05:41          So now we're finally going to the last yard of the day, and this is just a typical Yorkshire livery yard, where there's general purpose riding horses, competition horses, pony club ponies, and we've got a mixture of all of them to do. Hopefully the weather is going to stay off because with these sort of yards you don't have the glamorous cover, but uh, we'll see what we get.

06:43          So that us just on the way home to the forge now. Now when we get back we always make the shoes, sort the shoes up for the next day, so, I need to make some shire shoes so I'm going to start with them, and one of the apprentices James is going to strike for me and Jake going to make some hunters for tomorrow as well. So we'll get them made, and yeah, so it's going to be another decent day.

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