At Mustad we highly value education, not only for the people that work for Mustad directly, but most certainly also for our main group of customers, the farriers. 

Being a farrier can sometimes be challenging, handling all sorts of hoof problems on your own, provide advise to horse owners and veterinarians on a daily basis, in multiple circumstances.

We are here to give you options. We want to give you not only the right tools and products to do the best job you possibly can, but also educate you on possible solutions, regardless what brand of product you use.

After speaking to the The Farrier Registration Council they have allowed us to put this event on their website "MyFRC" for all participants to register the CPD points. 1 CPD point for every Mustad Live clinic you watch.

So please fill out this form and register the clinic also on the website of the FRC, and your CPD point(s) will be admitted.

Done? Then visit the clinic on at the announced time.

Much pleasure!

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