Heller rasp handles
Heller rasp handles
Heller rasp handles

Heller rasp handles

Easy Heller handle to screw onto your rasp

The Heller handle can be screwed onto the rasp you want to use. The thread gives a firm grip on the tang of the rasp.
Available in the colours red and black.

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Product summary

128 mm
Thread 13 mm
Teeth per row
Not applicable
  • ​Todas as condições de tempo
  • Interno
  • Seco
  • Húmido
  • Neve
  • Barro
  • Pavimento
  • Rochoso
  • Arenoso
  • Sintético
  • Gramado

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  • easy to screw onto any rasp
  • available in 2 colours: red and black

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