Rózsaszín csikó cipő

Az egyik méret illeszkedik az összes csikópajhoz

The Rose Foal Shoe fits all different sizes and problems and is easy to use. You only need the tools you already have in your farrier's box. 

It is available in one size because it will fit all foal hooves as you can change it.You can cut away what you do not need and glue the shoe on the foot.

On the inside of the shoe there is lint where you put the glue (Superbond or similar) to ensure that the shoe can loosen if the foal gets stuck somewhere so it does not get hurt.

You will save space in your car when you only need one shoe instead of several and it also avoids getting odd shoes left.

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Csikó cipő

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  • Egy méret mindenkinek megfelelő
  • Változtassa meg a szükséges méretre
  • Helyet spórol az autójában
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