Comfort Mix Hoof Repair White
How to Assemble a ComfortMix Cartridge with Grant Moon
How to Seal your ComfortMix Cartridge with Grant Moon

ComfortMix Hoof Repair White

For hoof reconstruction and repair

- Adhesive designed for large and small hoof wall repairs and to bond any kind of shoe to the hoof

- Sticks directly to a clean dry hoof wall 

- It sets in about 1 minute and hardens out within 5 minutes maintaining necessary flexibility to ensure the natural hoof movement

- Hardens out white/beige coloured on the hoof

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ComfortMIx cartridge system

Ideal combination of premium mixing tip and cartridge

unique ComfortMix system

  • Ingeniero, herrador, vendedor, idealista

    Christoph Müller, un herrador alemán y vendedor

    El ingeniero agrícola alemán Christoph Müller se convirtió en un herrador por una razón especial, quería tener más conocimientos sobre esta profesión. Leer historia
    The German farrier Christoph Müller driving a nail in a hoof

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