Mustad forepunch
Mustad forepunch
Mustad forepunch

Martillos para estampar claveras Mustad

Perforación precisa de claveras

Mustad forepunches are available in 2 models for punching either E-head or City-head nail holes. Both types have a wooden handle, firmly mounted in the hammer head with a ring wedge. This makes for an easy replacement of the handle and maintenance. The head of this hammer is made of air-hardened steel and should not be cooled in water. In general, these tools should be used at low forging temperatures, between 600˚C – 700˚C.

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  • good price performance ratio
  • solid product made of high quality steel
  • usage at lower temperatures (600˚C - 700˚C) extends the lifespan. Air-hardened steel!

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