In the second part of the Facebook marketing series, we will discuss and expand on creating engaging content to share on your Facebook business page. This content will serve two purposes: first, develop a hub where your clients can learn more about the work you do, and second, increase engagement on your page by improving your visibility in the marketplace.

We know that word of mouth is a powerful way to gain new clients. Beyond that, social media can be an integral way your business is recommended within your community.

As we mentioned in the first part of this series, consistent content and posting will go a long way in increasing engagement and the ultimate goal: new business. Whether you post daily, weekly, or monthly, consistency is key to building and maintain a business page.

Ideas for posts can include:

  • Offer a Question-and-Answer forum for your followers. Ask if they have questions about their own horse’s hoof health, hoof care in general, etc.
  • Share informational material that might be relevant to your clients
  • Share “Before and After” images
  • Ask for reviews from existing clients
  • Industry news
  • Share the work you are proud of (images and video are ideal)
  • Interesting cases you come across in your profession

These ideas boil down to one important concept: to expect your page to be successful in bringing in new business, your time and energy are needed to curate content that you believe is important for your business and clients. Once you post, be sure to take the time to reply to comments and questions from followers. There is a reason it is called social media, be sure to take an active role in your account’s engagement!

According to Hootsuite, a popular social media management platform, Facebook has 2.7 billion active users each month. Many potential customers use Facebook to discover new businesses, research businesses they have heard about, and look at reviews. This provides a perfect opportunity for your business to reach a new audience.

By dedicating time to post and replying to comments and messages, you will be able to interact with both existing and potential clients. More importantly, you will also have the ability to showcase your expertise as a farrier.

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