Our original line of Mustad tools is much appreciated by our customers, but once in a while we got the request; would it be possible to extend your range of tools with a few design improvements and extreme high quality?

Premium Tool range development 1The process developing this new line of tools required an intense cooperation with our designers, tool makers and our farriers. But the result is a strong, smooth and ergonomic line of tools to make your job easier.

Mustad Premium Tools Development 2




Mustad Premium Tools forged

Mustad Premium Tools development 3




At the moment we have the following models in our Premium tool range:

Mustad Premium Nipper

Nipper 14”

Nipper performance sets the foundation for the overall success of your trim. Mustad Premium Nipper features an unique Box Joint which is designed to maintain stability and accuracy through the long life of the tool. Mustad Premium Nippers are equipped with a precise cutting edge sharpness, tool strength and durability. From refined detailed trimming to standard trimming, this nipper offers accurate cuts which reduces the amount of rasping required.


Mustad Premium Nail Puller

Crease Nail Puller

Precision and Design are critical characteristics for a crease nail-puller worth having. The fine, precise tip and the jaws make it easy to pull nails out of a variety of creases. The wide head design reduces the amount of force required when pulling nails.

Mustad Premium Ergo Clincher


The unique design takes stress of your wrists and hands while clinching nails. The ergonomic angle and jaw design provides the ability to produce a tight flat clinch for every nail cut. The Mustad Premium Ergo-Clincher sets and secures the clinch with minimum impact on the hoof wall.

Mustad Premium Pull-Off


This well balanced tool is as efficient as it is comfortable. The Mustad Premium Pull-Off is the very definition of form to function.Through its innovative design, it delivers the mechanical advantage required for effortless removal of the shoe.

Mustad Premium Pull-Off in box

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