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Many horses are suitable for leisure riding

Leisure is a form of equestrianism that encompasses many forms of recreational riding for personal enjoyment, without any element of competition. It is called "hacking" in British English and in parts of the eastern United States and Canada. In the United States, particularly the American West, the term trail riding is used to describe pleasure riding, particularly on public land. Many horses are suitable for leisure riding, including grade horses and other animals of ordinary quality and good disposition.

Working terrain

Many types of underground, very diverse.

Rest place/daily stay

These horses live under all kinds of conditions, indoors and outside.

Shoeing location



When shoeing, the farrier has to be prepared for all situations. A questionaire about the horse's daily behaviour can help choose the appropriate approach. For example, if a horse spends a part of the day in the mud, more tight shoeing is recommended. This prevents the risk of losing a shoe.


Because Leisure is a very general and widely practised type of activity, most of the horse owners don't have much knowledge about the impact of improper shoeing. A farrier has to make them aware, inform them about his job and the impact on the horse's health, and give them advice about how to take care of hooves. For a good result, the communication with the horse owner is crucial.

It is useful to plan the next shoeing visit in advance, preferably at the end of the previous visit.

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