Mustad NoSnow anti-snow hoof pads, all types
Mustad NoSnow anti-snow hoof pads, all types
Mustad NoSnow

Mustad NoSnow pads

Through the winter on secure hoofs

Mustad NoSnow prevents the build-up of a dangerous snowball in shod hooves. It is available in 2 types, either made of very rigid though flexible transparent plastic (NoSnow) or a black artificial rubber with woven reinforcement (NoSnow Black). The transparent type is available in the following models: Mini, Standard and Maxi, both front and hinds. The black type has a Standard and a Trotter model, also both front and hinds. The unique air cushion compresses, then expands to push snow out of the hoof. This even prevents a dangerous snowball build-up, significantly minimizing the risk of injury for horse and rider. It also improves winter traction. 

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Good to know

  • no build-up of snowball on shod horses
  • also a great choice to prevent mud accumulation
  • protects horse and rider
  • can usually be used in multiple resets
  • also remove dirt under the NoSnow pad

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