Heller Excel Legend hoof rasp, rasp side
Heller Excel Legend, rasp side
Mustad Core Skill 4
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How to sharpen you Heller Rasps with Lee Olsen
Heller Excel Legend hoof rasp, file side view
Heller Excel Legend, file side

Heller eXceL Legend

The best rasp you will ever use



• Provides a glass-like finish

• First rasp to include both a coarse and a multiglide side

• Out of the box performance


HELLER EXCEL LEGEND is a real performance rasp for farriers who need a sharp and efficient rasp for everyday shoeing to competions. With this rasp, you get 666 sharp teeth divided into 74 rows over the 50 mm wide surface. The coarse side removes hoof instantly and is perfectly complemented by the fine multiglide side which gives a great, glass-like finish to the hoof.


Length: 356mm

Width: 50mm

Thickness: 4,4mm

Number of teeth per row: 9

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Product summary

  • wider, giving greater surface area
  • allows minimum effort and maximum efficiency
  • during rasping of the hoofwall you may need to keep a steeper angle than with a regular rasp
  • Indoor
  • Dry
  • Turf/Grass
  • Sand
  • Synthetic
Dutch farrier Carlijn Hoekerd

To act on the clients wishes is a part of my profession and the entrepreneurship

Carlijn Hoekerd, farrier in The Netherlands

  • Age is no barrier when you love what you are doing

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