In the rugged terrain of Iceland, where the wind whispers ancient stories, emerged a tough and resilient companion - the Icelandic horse. These horses, brought to the island by the Vikings around 860 AD, have thrived for centuries, embodying strength and resilience.

Despite their pony-like size, standing between 135 cm and 145 cm, Icelandic horses are powerful horses. With sturdy bodies and a notable ability to carry weight, they come in various colors, reflecting the diversity of their homeland. They possess unique gaits, including the smooth and graceful tölt, a four-beat lateral gait capable of speeds up to 32 km/h.

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Raised in Iceland's harsh conditions, these horses mature slowly, typically starting their training under saddle at around 4 years old. They're known for their longevity, with some living up to an impressive 56 years, thanks to their robust health and isolation.

The Icelandic horse isn't just a relic of the past; it's deeply rooted in Norse mythology and remains a vital part of Icelandic culture. With a ban on importing horses since 982, Iceland takes great care to maintain the purity of this breed.

The first breeding societies, established in 1904, paved the way for the Icelandic horse's international recognition. From working in British coal mines to being exported to Germany in the 1940s, these horses have left their mark worldwide. Regulated by the international federation FEIF, around 900,000 Icelandic horses are registered in the World Fengur studbook.

In Iceland, these versatile animals serve various purposes, from riding companions to meat production. Internationally, they're mainly used for leisure activities.

What sets them apart are their unique gaits—the tölt and the flying pace. Not all Icelandic horses can perform the flying pace, distinguishing them as either 4-gaited or 5-gaited.


Enter the Libero Icelandic shoe, a product born from passion and precision. The design process was meticulous, involving feedback from nine testers across Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Germany, and the UK. Adjustments were made, and after a thorough testing phase, the result is a premium product that stands out in the crowd.

Libero Ice features a symmetrical front and an asymmetrical hind, ensuring a perfect fit. With safety in mind, the hind boasts a safed toe and a safed inside branch. The new design includes a deeper crease and a nail hole design that provides better pitch. With lower tolerances on dimensions, material distribution, and general quality, the Libero Ice sets a new standard.

In the challenging landscape of Icelandic farriery, where the cold often prevails, Libero Ice is a game-changer. Specialized farriers, some exclusively for Icelandic horses, along with owners and trainers, ensure top-notch care, making Icelandic farriery a unique and collaborative experience. The Libero Icelandic shoe stands as a testament to dedication and innovation, ensuring the legacy of the majestic Icelandic horse endures.

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Shoeing with Libero Icelandic and Snowpads

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