Introducing the EXL Pitch: Upgrading Hoofcare

We're thrilled to introduce our latest horseshoe nail, the EXL Pitch, a groundbreaking innovation in the world of hoofcare. Built upon the success of the EXL Nail, this new addition sets higher standards for performance, precision, and adaptability. The EXL Pitch is designed to meet all your horseshoeing needs.

Smart Design

The EXL Pitch is the result of a careful design process that combines the best features of the EXL Nail with the innovative Pitch concept. This design ensures exceptional performance and accuracy in hoofcare. Our engineers have fine-tuned the nail to provide an excellent fit, minimizing displacement of the hoof wall.


Sturdy Neck and Pitched Head

What makes the EXL Pitch stand out is its robust neck and improved pitched head design. This combination ensures superior stability, securing the nail firmly in the bottom of the hole. The result is minimal hoof wall displacement, and the precise nailing process guarantees a secure application. Whether you're working with pads or larger shoes, the EXL Pitch offers the strength and stability you need.

Extended and Slimmer Shank

The EXL Pitch features a longer and slimmer shank, making it compatible with various horseshoe styles. This versatility is a game-changer for farriers and hoofcare professionals, allowing them to adapt to different horse hoof shapes and sizes effortlessly. The extended, slimmer shank ensures effective use in a wide range of applications.

Three Sizes Available

Recognizing the uniqueness of every horse and hoof, we offer the EXL Pitch in three sizes: 
- EXL Pitch 3
- EXL Pitch 4
- EXL Pitch 5

No matter the size or shape of the hoof, we have the right EXL Pitch nail for you.


Convenient Packaging

For your convenience, the EXL Pitch comes in quantities of 12x250, ensuring you always have an ample supply on hand. Our packaging is designed to simplify your job and improve efficiency.

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