Heller hoof rasps are designed and crafted by Heller International, a member of the Mustad Group. Heller has a long tradition in designing and manufacturing rasps. Individually tested and packed to reduce the risk of damage every Heller rasp is carefully inspected before it leaves the factory and then each rasp is indivually wrapped in protective sleeves.


Tradition re-defined

A good hoof rasp is one that is sharp and predictably removes material without the teeth becoming clogged, regardless of the direction of work. Heller strives to achieve continuous improvement and perfection, using innovative technologies and a highly reliable production process.

Soft hoooves

The design and material of the teeth is ideal when ground conditions lead to soft hooves, making the rasp less prone to clogging.

Hard hooves

The design and material of the teeth is ideal when ground conditions lead to hard hooves, making this rasp very efficient for hoof removal.

Black Coating

Black coating ensures easy horn material release from the rasp and rust resistance for enhanced durability and a longer life cycle.


File side

The file side of Heller rasps is sharp, enabling efficient removal of hoof material with little effort. The file side can be used both to file the side of the hoof flat and to polish the hoof wall.


Original Glide

A file side with a more aggressive design, removing sufficient amounts of the hoof while leaving a nice surface finish. Ideal for use as an all-round trimming rasp.



Multiple forward blades with sharp edges for close hoof removal, leaving a smooth finish. It combines multiple overcuts for easy hoof removal, being the answer for all who are seeking a polished and impressive look.




Multiple small teeth, ideal to polish the hoof with minimum but consistent removal, leaving a very smooth finish.




6 teeth design

Traditional 6-teeth design. Good to tackle a big hoof removal task.

9 teeth design

Teeth almost to the edge of the rasp. Enables rasping in clips and offers an enlarged rasping surface for even more efficiency.


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