We're excited to introduce Kristjan Elvar Gislason, our ambassador and a highly skilled farrier. With almost three decades of experience, Kristjan is a dedicated professional known for his commitment to horseshoeing.


Impressive Farrier Background

Kristjan began his farrier journey over 29 years ago and received professional training in Germany from 1996 to 2000. His foundation in farriery was set during this time, where he became a qualified farrier at the TiHo University in Hannover. Working in Germany for ten years further enhanced his skills.


Specializing in Icelandic Horses

Returning to his homeland, Kristjan focused on Icelandic horses, gaining recognition as a global authority in the Icelandic horse industry. His expertise covers crafting shoes for Icelandic horses, therapeutic shoeing, working with sports horses, adopting modern techniques, and handling the basics of farriery.


Unique Skills That Stand Out

- Crafting shoes specifically for Icelandic horses.

- Applying precise shoeing techniques for horses with health issues.

- Providing top-notch shoeing for sports horses.

- Staying updated on modern materials and techniques for horse comfort.

- Mastering the fundamentals of farriery.


Global Farrier and Language Expert

Kristjan's skills go beyond borders; he's fluent in Icelandic, German, and English, making him a versatile farrier with a global reach.


Expertise in Libero Icelandic Model

Kristjan actively contributes to the development of our Libero Icelandic model. He conducts clinics in the Nordics and Germany, educating fellow farriers on the benefits of Libero Icelandic and demonstrating proper shoeing techniques.



In summary, Kristjan Elvar Gislason is more than just an ambassador; he's a highly skilled farrier dedicated to the well-being of horses. His mastery of various techniques and contributions to our products make him a trailblazer in the industry. We're proud to have him as our ambassador and look forward to the positive impact he continues to make in the world of farriery.

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