Comfort Mix Silicone
How to Assemble a ComfortMix Cartridge with Grant Moon
How to Seal your ComfortMix Cartridge with Grant Moon

ComfortMix Silicone

For hoof leveling and impact resistance

Protective filling material

• It gives good protection and coverage of the sole and frog.

• This silicone sets within 3 minutes.

• Can be used with any kind of pad.

• It prevents debris or moisture getting in between the pad and the sole.

Good to know

• Needs to be used in combination with pads

• This is a silicone that gives protection but is not shock absorbing

• Make sure the product is on room temperature.

Where to buy?

Product summary

  • Engineer, farrier, salesman, idealist

    Christoph Müller, a German farrier and sales representative

    The German agricultural engineer Christoph Müller became a farrier for a special reason, he wanted to have more insight into this profession. Read story
    The German farrier Christoph Müller driving a nail in a hoof

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