**A Rich Pedigree in Farriery**


Kristjan's remarkable career began over 29 years ago when he embarked on the path of farriery. His journey was uniquely enriched by his professional education in Germany from 1996 until 2000, where he achieved the coveted status of a qualified professional farrier at the TiHo University in Hannover. This rigorous training in Germany laid the foundation for his future success and expertise.


For a decade, Kristjan honed his craft while working in Germany, gaining invaluable experience and knowledge that would shape his future endeavors.


**A World-Class Referent in Icelandic Horses**


Upon returning to his homeland, Kristjan shifted his focus exclusively to Icelandic horses, carving a niche for himself as a worldwide reference in the Icelandic horse industry. His deep understanding of these remarkable horses and his masterful farriery skills have made him an indispensable figure for both professionals and enthusiasts.


**Specializations That Set Him Apart**


Kristjan's expertise extends to various domains, including:


- **Icelandic Horses Shoeing**: A master at crafting the perfect shoe for Icelandic horses, he knows their unique needs like no other.


- **Orthopaedic and Therapeutic Shoeing**: Kristjan's precision shoeing techniques play a pivotal role in rehabilitating and maintaining the health of horses with specific pathologies.


- **Sports Horses**: As an authority in the field, he understands the demands of equine athletes and ensures they receive the best possible shoeing for peak performance.


- **Modern Techniques**: Keeping pace with the latest innovations, Kristjan excels in using modern materials, such as pads and DIM materials, to enhance the comfort and well-being of horses.


- **Shoeing Basics**: His mastery extends to the fundamentals of farriery, ensuring that even the most basic shoeing needs are met with precision.


**Multilingual Farrier Extraordinaire**


Kristjan's reach extends beyond borders, thanks to his multilingual proficiency. He is fluent in Icelandic, German, and English, making him a true global farrier.


**A Libero Icelandic Expert**


Kristjan's dedication goes even further, as he has actively contributed to the development and improvement of our Libero Icelandic model. His expertise in this product is unparalleled, and he is on a mission to educate farriers about its benefits. Currently, Kristjan is conducting clinics in the Nordics and Germany to inform fellow farriers about the Libero Icelandic and demonstrate the art of shoeing Icelandic horses with the right shoes, nails, and impression materials.


In conclusion, Kristjan Elvar Gislason is more than an ambassador; he is a beacon of excellence in the world of farriery. His unwavering commitment to the well-being of horses, his mastery of specialized techniques, and his contributions to our products make him a true trailblazer in the industry. We are honored to have him as our ambassador and are excited to see the positive impact he continues to make in the world of farriery.

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