Mustad EXL hoof nails, crossed
Mustad EXL hoof nails, crossed
Mustad EXL
Mustad EXL hoof nails, front and side views
Mustad EXL hoof nails, front and side views
Mustad EXL

Mustad EXL Nails

Even Longer and Thinner E Type Nail

The EXL® nail is a Mustad nail for farriers who like to nail high and need a secure strong fit. The EXL® performance nail is a nail with extra length, a slim design but with extra material in the neck to secure an optimum fit. The blade is slimmer that E-slim nails but is wider and maintains its strength.

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Product summary

Extra long, slim and strong design with a regular head
2 - 6
  • Barro
  • Pavement
  • Stoney ground
  • Sand
  • Turf/Grass
  • Carriage driving
  • Classical dressage
  • Combined driving
  • Competitive trail riding
  • Draft
  • Draft horse showing
  • Dressage
  • Endurance
  • English pleasure
  • Eventing
  • Field hunting
  • Fine harness
  • Fox hunting
  • Horse pulling
  • Icelandic equitation
  • Leisure
  • Pleasure driving
  • Pleasure riding
  • Polo
  • Show hunter
  • Show jumping
  • Trail
  • Trail riding
  • Vaulting
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Good to know

  • Extra length with slim design
  • Perfect for Equi-Librium and other V-creased shoes
  • Stronger head and neck gives nail more durability
  • Perfect for using with a pad due to the extra length
  • Use MX for horses with a sensitive sole

Errol Wernike, farrier in Germany

Going to events and clinics had a big influence on how I'm doing my work today

  • An old profession in a modern way

    Stéphane Bréhin, farrier in France

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    The French farrier Stéphane Brehin at work

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