Mustad under clinch gouge
Mustad under clinch gouge
Mustad under clinch gouge

Mustad under clinch gouge

For a clean embedding of the nail

The Mustad under clinch gouge is a drop forged hand tool to create a nail bed for hoof nails. The blade is curved at both sides and perfectly constructed to cut a cavity that lets the nail be even with the hoof wall. This prevents the horse from self injury. The gouges is manufactured out of high quality steel and can be maintained and sharpened with common grinding and sharpening tools.

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  • made from high quality steel
  • double-sided sharp, cylindrical blades
  • for shock sensitive horses the use of a rasp instead of an Under Clich Gouge is advised

Pierre-Antoine Thinet, farrier in France

I'm fond of innovations, when there is a new product, I want to try it

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