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  • Pleasure riding

    Western Pleasure is a western style competition at horse shows that evaluates horses on manners and suitability of the horse for a relaxed but collected gait cadence and relatively slow speed of gait, along with calm and responsive disposition.

  • Customer Service & Logistics employee

    Customer Service & Logistics employee, Mustad Hoofcare

  • Every horse deserves the best possible shoeing

    German farrier Errol Wernike became fascinated with horses at age 6, even though nobody in his family had this intrest. His vision on shoeing is clear

  • Keeping it in the family - Three Generations of Farriers

    You could say that being a farrier is in Phillip Smailes’ blood - his father Ken was a farrier and his sons Matt and Josh have both followed in his footsteps.

  • Mustad leather pads

    Mustad leather pads made of buffalo leather, available in the sizes 4 to 8 and in three types: light (4mm), standard (5.5mm) and heavy (7.5mm).

  • Mustad LiBero Concave

    The extreme versatility of the LiBero horseshoe is combined with a full concave profile to provide extra traction: LiBero Concave.

  • Mustad LiBero Equi-Librium

    The section of the Mustad Libero Equi-Librium horseshoe allows for maximum loading and gives freedom of movement with the omnidirectional rolled edge.

  • Mustad pritchel

    A Mustad pritchel is manufactured out of high quality and air-hardened steel. It is used at lower temperatures (below 500˚C).

  • Mustad M nail

    The Mustad M hoof nail is a narrow French-style with a long neck. It fits very deeply and securely in the nail holes of all V-crease horseshoes.

  • Stoney ground

    Loose surface and very uneven. Things to consider: bruising and puncture wounds are common, twisting of the limbs due to uneven ground.

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