Mustad M hoof nails, crossed
Mustad M
Mustad M hoof nails, front and side views
Mustad M

Mustad M nail

Narrow nail for a secure fit in V-creases

The M nail is a French-style nail with a long neck. Compared with other French-style nails such as the JCF and VF F, the head of the M-nail is narrower. This means that the head of an M-nail fits very deeply and securely in the nail holes of all Mustad V-crease horseshoes so that the head is flush with the surface of the horseshoe.

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Product summary

  • square narrow head that fits deeply and securely in the nail hole
  • suitable for V-crease shoes
  • nail head is flush with the surfae of the horseshoe
  • does not provide additional grip
  • Turf/Grass
  • Stoney ground
  • Sand
  • Carriage driving
  • Classical dressage
  • Combined driving
  • Draft
  • Draft horse showing
  • Dressage
  • Icelandic equitation
  • Leisure
  • Pleasure riding
  • Show jumping
  • Horse pulling
  • Pleasure driving
  • Trail
  • Trail riding
German farrier Christoph Müller

A farrier’s job is about inspecting the horse on a regular basis and keeping an eye on its shape

Christoph Müller, farrier in Germany

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