When you shoe a horse for a sandy underground, there's no need for special requirements.

By itself, sand offers enough grip and the best possible shock absorption.

If not in nature, sand undergrounds need to be maintained on a regulare base. If not, cavities will become a risk for the horse.

The sand needs to be equaly adepted over the underground. If not, there might be pathalotical issues because the horse is not able to adapt his locomotion to the difference in solidness of the surface layer.

Tip: if the shoe loosens within a too short time, this might be caused by a wrong, too aggressive type of sand. The sand will grind the nail in the nailhole.

For the benifit of the horses locomotion system, it is better to do the daily exercises on a softer sand type then the more harder type in competition arenas. 

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A woman riding a horse in a sandy arena

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