Indoors dressage training

The classical bond between man and horse

Classical dressage evolved from cavalry movements and training for the battlefield, and has since developed into the competitive dressage seen today. Classical riding is the art of riding in harmony with, rather than against, the horse. Correct classical riding only occurs when the rider has a good seat and a correct and well-balanced body position, moves with the horse's motion, and applies and times the aids correctly.

Working terrain

Various, mostly soft surfaces

Rest place/daily stay

Box or paddock

Horse characteristics and behavior

Medium sized, square shaped horses inclining to the Spanish type, which under natural circumstances tend to herd together. They have a characteristically balanced nature as they originate from the classic Spanish work horse. 

Their characteristic solid disposition means that shoeing them is not complicated.

Shoeing location

Classic dressage horses can be shod at the usual shoeing places.


As a result of their breeding, these horses often have more narrow hooves with a lot of concavity in the sole. One should therefore choose shoes which are not too broad and where the holes are not too wide.

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A woman lunging a horse for training

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