Mustad RIB hoof nails, crossed
Mustad RIB
Mustad RIB hoof nails, front and side views
Mustad RIB
Mustad RIB hoof nail, head view
Mustad RIB

Mustad RIB nail

If increased traction is required

The RIB nail is designed for increased traction. The head has a normal rectangular form that fits firmly into the fuller, but is extended and ends in a wedge-shaped point. The head fits into the shoe as normal, but the top of the head forms a wedge to protrude above the level of the shoe to aid in traction. The RIB-nail is designed for horses that require additional grip with every step - for example trekking ponies in rough and variable terrain.

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Product summary

  • increases traction with every step
  • head is rectangler with extended wedge shaped point on top
  • great for variable and rough terrain
  • very short nail
  • large crown gives more pressure on the hoof wall
  • Turf/Grass
  • Stoney ground
  • Draft
  • Draft horse showing
  • Trail
  • Trail riding
Portrait of the Swedish farrier Jörgen Nordqvist

I can’t stand to see horses with movement problems, knowing this could be prevented

Jörgen Nordqvist, farrier in Sweden

  • Old family business, modern vision

    Christoph Schweppe, Master farrier and teacher in Germany

    German farrier and teacher, Christoph Schweppe tells about his busines, competitions, the farrier industry and innovations such as the Mustad BaseMax. Read story
    The German farrier Christoph Schweppe forging a horseshoe

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