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We proudly work with other industries to improve ours. When we came across a coating that is used for tools by NASA and is food approved by the government, we knew we had to try this!

You might think: what does NASA tool- and food-approved coating has to do with improving shoeing for a horse? We will tell you; a lot of benefits!

Mustad Endura Concave nail with background earth from space

The Endura coating was developed for space for sterilisation purposes. The Endura coating is that smooth that bacterias have no chance hanging on to it, which actually makes it anti-bacterial. And because of that feature this coating is also perfect for tools used during food preparations. Endura is a non-toxic coating and therefore FDA approved.

This made us thinking... Could this coating be the solution to help prevent as little bacteria as possible entering the hoof wall during shoeing? After an intense process we found the ideal thickness of the coating for our Premium Mustad nails and how to get the coating on the nails without compromising any of our premium quality.

During testing the results were astonishing:

  • A coating that provides 30% additional strength, so you can use a slimmer nail

  • Improves nail driving and reduces hoofwall damage

  • Enhanced durability and stronger clinches

  • Leaves clean hooves without oxidation marks

  • Incredible smooth drive

Direct responses of our group of  testers in the market are:

  • Protects the shoe, good fit

  • Neck of the nail looked clean after 8 weeks

  • Noticeable difference

  • Never tried anything better!

  • Stiffer, but good! Stiffer gives more control

  • Best innovation I have seen for a long time

exl pitch

When would you use it?

  • For horses used in demanding circumstances

  • When using pads or studs

  • Dry hooves, frozen hooves

  • A nail with extra strength when needed

  • A thinner Endura coated nail has similar strength as a thicker standard nail, your standard nail can be thinner

  • Leaves no oxidation

  • Doesn’t rust


The Premium Endura coated nails are offered in 4 nail families, totally in 15 sizes:

  • Concave, 2, 3, 4 & 5
  • MX 45, 50, 55 & 60
  • HammerHead 1 & 2
  • ESL PITCH 2, 3, 4, 4½ & 5

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