Mustad pull offs, standard and large
Mustad pull offs, standard and large
Mustad pull-off detail
Mustad pull-off
Mustad pull-offs, standard and large
Mustad pull-offs, standard and large have the same jaws

Mustad pull-offs

Pulling, pinching, spreading, clinching; all in one!

The Mustad pull-Off is a universal shoeing tool for multiple purposes. The width of the jaws enables an easy job when lifting shoes of a large variety of sizes or pulling off the most different types of shoes. The precise and sharp cutting edges are also suited to pinch the nail, therefore it can also be used as a nipper. The ribbed outside of the jaws can be used to spread shoes. This pincher can be perfectly used as a clinching block, thanks to the right-angle shape of the cutting edge outsides. This pull-off is available in two different handle lengths. Their jaws sizes are the same.

  • easy lifting and pulling off horseshoes
  • pull or pinch nails
  • shoes can be spread before nailing
  • not applicable with very heavy shoes (cold blood shoes)

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